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  • The Shortest Path to Cloud Success - Your Roadmap

    This ebook gives you the key steps to create an effective roadmap that supports your business needs and long-term career goals.
    Read the ebook →

  • The Benefits of Achieving Greater Cloud Adoption

    Achieving greater levels of cloud adoption allows organizations to materially improve strategic allocation of IT budgets, lower IT costs, reduce time to provision IT services, increase revenue, and improve ability to meet service level agreements.
    Read the white paper →

  • Mapping the Cloud Maturity Curve

    Your briefing paper for measuring organizational excellence in the new area of IT. Read the brief →

  • 10 Things IT Need to Know about Cloud

    Your quick guide to developing an IT Cloud Strategy. Read the guide →

  • Cloud Security Planning Guide

    Seven steps for building security in the cloud from the ground up. Read the guide →

  • Private Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Planning Guide

    Steps to providing cloud services delivery for greater agility and efficiency. Read the guide →

  • The What, the Why and the How of Hybrid Cloud

    This white paper looks at some of the barriers to public-cloud adoption while it cut through unnecessary technicalities to get to the heart of the matter. Read the white paper →

  • The Cloud: The Great Equalizer for Business Continuity

    Small and midsize businesses can now get backup and recovery levels once available only to large, deep-pocket organizations.
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