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Enabling secure data sharing among groups

Medical data storage originated as a technical response to the prodigious storage growth associated with picture archiving and communication system (PACS), and the cost complexity of PACS migration, however, the value proposition has evolved to include standards-based image access and sharing, EHR integration, universal image viewing and support for mobile applications. With the increased use of analytics to drive more efficient and profitable operations and value-based care initiatives, healthcare providers are seeing the need to invest more aggressively in medical storage.

Two large trends in data have begun to dramatically change our data storage world. First, there is more data than there ever been before. Second, data is now more than ever cheaper to store.

Thanks to advancement in data storage technology, you have:

  •  A range of solutions for every need
  • Scalability you’ll never outgrow
  • Flexible as needs change
  • Lower costs, and pay only for what you need

What Key Factors to Consider?

Your data storage solution should fit your unique situation, including the type of data you store, your industry and your security requirements. There are several other key factors that are involved:

Know your data

All data is not created equal — and understanding the business value of data is critical for selecting the right data storage solution. So, when formulating your data storage requirements, ask the following questions:

  • How fast do I need to access the data?
  • How long do I need to retain data?
  • How secure does it need to be?
  • What regulatory requirements need to be adhered to?

Look for a solution that fits your data, not the other way around

Instead of selecting a one-size-fits-all strategy, smarter buyers are now considering the workload characteristics and picking the right storage strategy for the job. Look for a solution that provides the flexibility to choose where data is stored: on premise and/or in the cloud. If you have a mobile workforce, the data management and storage solution you choose should be optimized for mobile and virtual platforms, in addition to desktops and laptops — and provide a consistent experience across any platform, including mobile editing capabilities and intuitive experience across mobile devices, virtual desktops or desktops.

Don't let upfront costs dictate your decision

The real cost of storage comes from operating the solution over several years. Make sure you really understand your operating costs. Factoring in scalability, technology refresh, and operating costs like power, administration, floor space and support renewal over time can make a big difference in the storage acquired. Considering the long-run implications of these storage characteristics and purchasing the storage that provides the best total cost of ownership over time reduces the chance that long-run costs will far exceed the short-term discounts.

Finding the Right Solution for your Organization

Because of the popularity of data storage solutions, you now have many choices to use. While having choices are good, it can make the decision process more challenging.

We can help if you are facing this challenge. Our team will take the time to learn about your business, including your current software, hardware, operations and security requirements. We will also talk with you about the direction your organization is heading and what IT resources you need to get there. Using this information, we can help you select the best data storage solution to use.

Our team will help you implement that solution, making sure that it seamlessly integrates into your IT environment.

Contact us to for a complimentary consultation so that you can start reaping all the benefits that the recent advancements in data storage solutions have to


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